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11/18: Barnes & Noble Gift Wrapping - Akron Added to the Current Events
11/18: Barnes & Noble Gift Wrapping - Cincinnati Added to the Current Events
11/18: Barnes & Noble Gift Wrapping - Cincinnati Added to the Current Events

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11/24/17: Barnes & Noble Gift Wrapping - Cincinnati
11/25/17: Barnes & Noble Gift Wrapping - Cincinnati
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PugBloods of the OPR

Special Dedication to the PugBloods of the OPR.

No Pugbloods adopted in 2017

No Pugbloods adopted in 2016


Button (Poodle (Miniature))

Wonder Woman ()

No Pugbloods adopted in 2014

No Pugbloods adopted in 2013


Dolly (Unknown)


Melville ()


Kinda (Chihuahua)

Lucy (Miniature Pinscher)

Queso (Chihuahua)

Tommy (Chihuahua)


Anna (Chihuahua)

Belle (Chihuahua)

Beulah June (Unknown)

Bubba Smitty ()

Ellie Mae (Beagle)

Eubie (Unknown)

Selma Lou (Beagle)

Sorta (Chihuahua)

Timmy (Beagle)

No Pugbloods adopted in 2008

No Pugbloods adopted in 2007


Agatha (Corgi)

Clipper (Pure Pugblood)

Dweezil (Boston Terrier)

Murphy (Beagle)


Emmy Lou (Unknown)

Lady (Beagle)

Lucy (Miniature Pinscher)

Peggy Lu (Maltese)

Rodney (Boston Terrier)

Sassy (Yorkshire Terrier)

Sherman (Unknown)

Tiki (Yorkshire Terrier)

Tommy (Chihuahua)


McKenzie (Smooth Fox Terrier)

Patches (Boston Terrier)

Radar (Pomeranian)

Valentino (Beagle,Latin Lover)


Cheddar (Cheese)

Louise (Beagle)


Baxter (Unknown)

Butch (Unknown)

Lester (Unknown)

Peppy (Poodle (Miniature))

Petey (Beagle)

Teena (Beagle)


Mindy (Beagle)

Murphy (Beagle)

Rascal (Unknown)

Tiger (Chihuahua)

No Pugbloods adopted in 2000

No Pugbloods adopted in 1999

No Pugbloods adopted in 1998


Skeeter (Boston Terrier)

Unknown Year

Russet (Unknown)

OPR does not adopt outside of the state of Ohio, no exceptions. If you live outside Ohio and wish to adopt a Pug, please refer to your local Pug rescue.